What Are The Differences Between Escorts, Sugarbabies And Relationships?

There is much talk these days about so called ‘sugar babies’ and their real role when compared to escorts. Do they appeal to everyone or a very select few guys? What is the difference between a sugar baby and an escort anyway, and why should a guy choose one over the other?

After researching and contacting a few adult websites for their opinions and how each role is different we finally had a response from Sensual Touch Massage who were more than happy to share their insights into the world of escorting, sugarbabies and relationships so we would like thank Claire who helped us put this article together for the community at Mr Adult Dating.

For the guy in a relationship then discretion is usually essential. He may want his ‘bit on the side’ for whatever reason and that is for him to judge. He may not be getting enough affection at home for example. Many escorts have revealed in surveys that most of their clients that are in a relationship are actually looking for care and attention rather than simply a physical act. So why would a guy choose a sugar baby over a simple visit to an escort?

Sugar babies are looking for something different to escorts and do not consider themselves to be the latter. They are looking for something of a relationship that is longer term than a simple wham bang with a guy. Whilst they are not looking for an emotional relationship they are looking for something with a guy that allows them to get to know each other and share similar passions – which invariably involves fun between the sheets also. The sugar baby will require gifts or presents or even an allowance monthly for her services. These services may also involve companionship. That is drinks, meals out, texting and chatting as well as meeting.

There are as many sugar babies out there as there are escorts. Considering themselves to be sugar babies not full blown escorts means that these girls can advertise their services with no sexual commitment if that is what they prefer. Some of these girls offer companionship, texts or sexting and many other services other than full blown between the sheets fun with a punter. This would satisfy some guys but it is not what all guys are looking for. The escort on the other hand offers a service that is fully transparent and understood most clearly by both parties. X amount for a given service over a period of time. No wining and dining, no gifts, no maybes, but a dead cert performance from a highly sexual young lady.

This is often the preferred route taken by many guys as it is considered lower risk, ultimately lower cost and the potential repercussions from some angry young sugar baby are minimal. As entry to becoming a sugar baby is relatively straight forward – simply posting a picture and profile on a website, then many wannabes try this just to see whats out there. Easy to prey on the unsuspecting guy with his manhood in one hand and credit card in the other.

Now many partners of guys that became involved with sugar babies may well argue that they are a glorified escort, offering favours for money. Others may also argue that they offer the best of both worlds – a physical as well as a mental relationship.  Its going to take a sharp guy to talk his way out of that one we think…

In the same breath it may well be hard for a guy to talk his way out of being caught using the services of an escort. Although in terms of getting away with it, a one off with an escort and a 6 month relationship with a sugar baby do  occupy different ends of the spectrum. Sugar babies tend to target their attention towards wealthy individuals that want more that a quick sweaty bed session. Escorts are more about –  well shall we just say generating a quick return.

Much of this depends of course on the guy and what he is looking for specifically. Is he chasing a quick physical relief session with a sexy young escort. Bookings can be as short as 15 minutes which is obviously designed simply to satisfy an act. If the guy is looking for a surrogate relationship that includes paying a girl for her services then his needs may well be more than physical. And this is an area where things may become a little more dangerous for a guy in a relationship. Take your choice but also take care.

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